Simple Pricing

1-50 Users

£75 Per Month*

Ideal for small businesses and franchises who need a consistent learning experience across their brand.

  • Admins arent included as part of the user count
  • * when purchased annually, rolling monthly cost is £90
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50-100 Users

£130 Per Month*

Suitable for growing businesses or franchises in multiple locations. We ensure your training is delivered consistently.

  • Admins arent included as part of the user count
  • * when purchased annually, rolling monthly cost is £150
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100+ Users

£180 Per Month*

Perfect if you are offering training as part of a larger organisation or offering course access via your own platform.

  • Admins arent included as part of the user count
  • Private servers are available for an additional setup cost.
  • * when purchased annually, rolling monthly cost is £200
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Need something else?

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If you have specific needs or would like to have a white labelled platform then get in touch with your needs and we will work with you to provide the best solution.

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Charities or non-profits

We have discounts available for you.

We want to help people like you so if you want to use Wipply for your charity or non-profit organisation then let us know your requirements and we can offer you exclusive pricing.

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Features explained

Get started easily

Unique training website

Your users will have a dedicated website to visit featuring your branding and custom text to help them get started.

Customisable trainee pages

All the text can be setup to your liking and available courses are displayed ready to go from the second you set them up.

Welcome tutorial to get you started in minutes

As a new user, Wipply can be a bit intimidating so we have created a quick and easy welcome tutorial to help you set up the essentials straight away.

No software to install — sign up online in moments

Being a cloud based system, you or your users don't need to install anything. Simply use your computer, phone or tablet.

Bulk import new users via .CSV or add them one by one

Adding trainees 1 at a time can take a while so we have created an import tool, simply fill out the downloadable import file and import it. We take care of creating users and emailing them for you.

Video Tutorials to help you at every step

Learn some of the more advanced features with our video tutorials, and if you need more help then it's available anytime.

Features explained

Key training metrics recorded for reporting

Scores per question

Each question can have scores assigned to the answer allowing you to see overall course scores to assess training success rates.

Page duration

You can see the duration page by page to help you see where your trainees are struggling.

Course duration

See how long your course is taking your trainees so you can adjust if it is taking too long or too short.

Correct/incorrect answers

Evaluate your team on correct and incorrect answers as needed so you can offer more support where needed.

Features explained

Training module options


Allow courses to be done more than once, useful for tutorials or process references such as using specific software at work.

User specific training modules

Assign courses per user or to everyone as needed allowing you to customise learning experiences to ensure your trainees are getting the best experience.

Unlimited courses & training modules

No limit on how many courses or training modules you can create, allowing you to provide all the training you need.

Features explained


Unlimited administrator accounts

You may have a large admin team to help support your trainees, add as many admins as you need and they won't count towards your user count so don't worry.

Features explained

Take the hassle out of managing training

Automated email reminders

Send branded emails to your trainees when they are assigned a new course as well as reminder emails if they haven't started it yet. This keeps engagement high and allows you to get fast results.

User reporting

With our advanced user reporting you get to see insights to how your trainees are engaging with the training from attempts, time on page, answer attempts and more.

CSV Exports

Export all of you trainee details in .CSV files to import directly into any spreadsheet app or program.

Training dashboard charts

No need to spend hours trawling through individual records, use your personalised dashboard to see course details at a glance, from course duration, number of trainees who have started or completed the courses and more.

Features explained

Scalable performance and storage

Amazon S3 secure asset storage

File uploads are stored securely on Amazon S3 which allows on demand access, encryption at rest and ensures your media is always available.

Secure uploads

Upload up to 1GB of training material for free, more storage is available by request..

Peak performance to ensure availability and responsiveness

Performance is key, a slow loading site is no good for anyone so we constantly monitor our servers to ensure your course is available quickly and securely.

Secure & up to date servers

Security is a big part of our server set up, we use https encryption throughout as well as many other security checks constantly in effect. Our servers are kept up to date and we regularly review our internal monitoring to ensure security is maintained.

Live security monitoring

We use an advanced monitoring system to check every action on the system, coupled with our live security system, this helps to ensure your data is protected 24x7.

Features explained

New content and features automatically applied

New question types

We have many new question types to add to Wipply over the coming months so there will always be new content to choose from when creating your courses.

New media assets

Struggling to find the perfect image or video? We will soon be integrating with the popular stock image and video site, unsplash which will give you direct access to a huge searchable library of high quality assets to choose from.

New page types

We will also be adding new page types for more engaging courses such as interactive tests like find and seek, word searches, highlighting images and more.