Course Builder includes an easy to use page builder so you can create course pages unique to your needs.

We include over 17 individual elements to add to your page including text, media, youtube embeds and questions.

page builder main menu

Design & Styling

Not everyone is a designer so we included a stylish modern design with every course page, but if you want a more personal touch,then you can use the built in style tools to customise your text, media and questions as you need to.

Question options in the page builder

Multiple Answers?

You may think creating custom questions is an absolute nightmare, but its not. we have designed our questions creation tool to be easy to use and customise and adding multiple answers is as easy as 1,2,3!

Answer options in the question builder

Course builder elements

We are alwyas looking for new elements to add and have many in development as we speak, you can view our full list of elements below.

  • Large title (h1 Tag)
  • Medium title (h3 Tag)
  • Small title (h5 Tag)
  • Text Paragraph
  • Website Link
  • Email Link
  • Phone number Link
  • Image From Gallery
  • Video From Gallery
  • Youtube Video Embed
  • Text Based Question
  • Number Based question
  • Checkbox Question
  • Radio Button Question
  • Dropdown Select Question
  • Horizontal Seperator

Coming soon

  • File Uploads
  • Missing Word Question
  • Math Questions
  • Select Correct Image Question
  • Word search
  • Anagrams
  • Correct Order Questions
  • Odd One Out Questions
  • API Access
  • Experimental Feature Access