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Bespoke course builder and reporting .

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About wipply and bespoke courses

Work from home is the new normal

This means communicating across the business has become difficult and time consuming.

  • allows you to build a library of resusable courses unique to your needs.
  • This could be newsletters, training courses, welcome packs, company updates and more.
  • With in depth tracking you can see who has completed each course you create, who is yet to start and every step in between.

All of this comes together to create an all in one platform for you to manage your remote teams quickly and easily.

Train anyone

whether that's teams, groups, students, carers or individuals.

Quick & easy

Create a course in minutes, add users in seconds and if you need help, we are here 24x7

Interactive courses

Packed with images, videos, questions & more.

Safe & secure

with encrypted backups, secure uploads and active security monitoring 24x7.


Whats included

Course builder

Create responsive course pages with text, images and questions, resuable across multiple courses.

Personal Support

Available 24/7 via email and scheduled screen sharing if needed for more hands on help.

Track engagement

With our team overview you can identify key members of your training group as well as those who need extra support.

Accessible globally

On any device with a modern browser and internet access to ensure your team can train when they need to, no matter where they are.


Your training when you need to, your team can begin a module and come back later to finish it or even restart it.

New features

Are constantly being added but if you need a something specific then let us know so we can add it.

Want to try Wipply for free?

We welcome you to try us for free for 30 days, no obligation or restrictions. after 30 days you can choose to carry on or close your account, its up to you.

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